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Why Have a Single Cup Coffee Brewers for the office

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An office single cup coffee brewer makes it easier to make one cup of coffee and not have to waste the unused coffee, saving both money and wonderful coffee. This makes it possible to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee anytime in the office without making a full pot or trying to break the measurement down to one or two cups for a full-size coffee maker. It also makes it easier to offer fresh coffee to clients without having to discern whether or not the coffee in the pot is fresh.

Clients will be pleased at being offered the choice of brew drink they prefer. Single cup coffee brewer also makes it easier to use and clean not giving the maker any stress at all. The following shortlisted are some of the reason why it is necessary to have a Single cup coffee brewer in the office.

Fresh Coffee:
Anyone who really appreciates the flavor of coffee also appreciates the flavor of fresh coffee. And one of the main benefits of a single serves coffee maker is freshness. In an office environment or even at home, that pot of coffee may have been sitting there for hours, and it shows in the quality and taste. With a single cup coffee maker, you know that your cup of coffee is going to be fresh 100% of the time.

It makes it easier for coffee lovers not to waste time at home when running late for work. They just head to the office and add their favorite coffee in a travel mug and within minutes the coffee is ready for consumption. The fact that a single cup coffee brewer brews directly into a cup or travel mug gives it a plus over a standard coffee maker that brews into a pot.

Saves Money:
Using this single cup coffee brewer saves money rather than doing those coffee runs to the coffee house every morning. Brewing only one cup at a time also means that you’ll also be using less coffee and wasting less coffee, which will ultimately save you money over brewing full pots every day.

Ease of Cleaning:
Cleaning a single cup coffee brewer is a breeze! All you have to do is to follow the directions in the manual and add a mixture of water and white vinegar and run it through the brewing cycle a couple of times. Better yet – when you order your single brew coffee maker with us – we provide cleaning and maintenance! There are fewer elements to clean, less staining and generally less mess from the entire process.

Promotes creativity:
For years, coffee has certainly become a specialty drink. There are so many choices out there that you can become creative in your coffee flavors. Using a single cup coffee maker enables you to experiment with different types of coffee drinks and flavors with greater ease. It’s easy to use different single serve pods or cups from cup to cup, or even mix different types of cups to come up with your own invention. It might not always work out perfectly, but sometimes you’ll find a combination that really gets you excited. And with so many specialty coffees and flavors available these days, the potential combinations are endless!

If you think a single cup brewer might be great for your office – we’d love to help you set one up! Contact us