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8 Tips For Getting the Maximum Health Benefits From Coffee

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Coffee is wonderful in so many ways including the Health Benefits from Coffee. It perks you up, it smells and tastes delicious, and best of all, it provides an abundance of spectacular health perks. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of unintentionally hindering coffee’s many benefits due to simple factors like how it’s stored.Take a look at these eight tips, and learn how to ensure you get the most nutritional value out of each cup of java.

 Store coffee in an airtight container.

The best way to store coffee beans is in an airtight container in a dark, cool spot. Don’t keep them in the same bag you bought them in, most commercial coffee containers aren’t designed for long-term storage. Why an airtight container? The levels of free radicals in coffee increase the longer they are exposed to the air. Antioxidants, like the ones found in coffee, neutralize free radicals, so when free radicals increase, the levels of health-promoting antioxidants in coffee decrease.

Don’t drink a certain kind of roast because you assume it has more benefits, drink for taste.

It’s important, and certainly more enjoyable, to choose a roast you like rather than drinking something just because you heard it may have more benefits. It’s still unclear if there is an “optimal” coffee for health, but both light roasts and dark roasts carry their own benefits. Dark roasts have greater concentrations of melanoids, compounds that are linked with anti-cancer, antioxidants, anti-hypertensive, and anti-inflammatory properties. Light roasts have more chlorogenic acid, a phenolic compound, which is believed to possess antioxidant properties and stabilize blood sugar. You win either way, so drink whatever makes your taste buds happy.

Don’t overdose on coffee.

Generally speaking, the health benefits of coffee usually taper off at five to six 8-ounce cups. Drinking gallons of coffee won’t increase these benefits, and for some individuals, drinking too much coffee can be detrimental, especially for those struggling to control diabetes, high blood pressure, or anxiety.

Buy whole beans and grind them yourself.

While it’s certainly easier and more convenient to buy preground beans, purchasing and grinding whole beans is the way to go. Research has found that preground beans have more free radicals which can contribute to inflammation and oxidative stress.

Drink your coffee within 20 minutes.

Do you ever have those days (or weeks) where you find yourself in the vicious cycle of sipping, forgetting, and reheating your coffee? This is a no-no. Coffee that sits around increases in acidity, and while this isn’t life-threatening, it can cause indigestion and heartburn as well as contribute to the erosion of tooth enamel. And because hour’s old coffee is exposed to the air longer, it may have less antioxidants. Research says it’s best to drink coffee within 20 minutes of brewing to get the maximum health benefits.

Wait a few hours after waking to reach for your first cup of coffee.

Throwing back three cups of coffee right after getting out of bed isn’t helping your energy levels. Within the first couple hours of being awake, our bodies produce high levels of cortisol, a hormone that makes you feel alert, so drinking coffee at this time will do little to improve your energy levels. Experts say the ideal time to have your first cup is between 10AM and 12PM. Enjoy your natural boost in the morning and dip into the coffee reserve when you need a little extra energy at the office.

If you’re watching your caffeine intake, drink a darker roast.

Did you know lighter roasts contain more caffeine than dark roasts? During the roasting process caffeine gets burned off, so the longer a coffee roasts, the less caffeine it contains. If you’re hoping to consume less caffeine, reach for a dark roast.

Coffee is a beverage, not dessert.

While there’s nothing wrong with adding a little sweetness to your coffee, it shouldn’t be turned into a sugary treat. One of the awesome health benefits of coffee is that it known to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes because it stabilizes blood sugar levels, however, if you are adding spoonful’s of sugar to every cup, these benefits become obsolete.  Enjoy milk or cream? No worries, these haven’t been shown to affect health perks.

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