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Choosing the Best Coffee for the Office

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You’ve made the decision to provide your employees with some much needed coffee for the office break room, but now what? Choosing the right coffee for the office, that fits the culture of your business can be difficult. Don’t worry- the friendly staff here at Coffee Mill makes the process simple. Are you ready to put a smile on everyone’s face at the office? One of the first steps to happiness is choosing the coffee you want to feature in your break room. Here’s a quick overview of the fantastic coffee options for your office offered by Coffee Mill.


Good coffee at a great price. Whether you want specialty blends or more traditional roasts, our Value coffee delivers plenty of flavor without breaking the bank. Our Value coffees are provided by European Roasterie and include fabulous coffees such as Cafe Blend, Euro Dark Blend, and CMI House Decaf. 


If you’re looking for coffee that offers both quality and a good price, our Everyday coffee may be for you. From Sumatra to French Roast, Vienna Decaf to our bold Coffee Mill Blend, there is something for everyone in our Everyday Coffee package.


Want the best coffee available? We’ve partnered with some of the greatest coffee providers from around the world like Caribou, Peet’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Dunn Bros, Starbucks, Sam & Evan’s Coffee, and more! If you want to treat your employees to the very best, consider our Premium Coffee options.

Ready to bring some delicious coffee to your office break room? We will help you design a custom beverage program that not only includes delivery of coffee, tea, and other break room products – we guarantee prompt, efficient service as well as the use of some of the most innovative coffee equipment on the market. Contact us today to get started – your employees will thank you!