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Dunn Bros Coffee and Coffee Mill – A Minnesota collaboration

Dunn Bros Coffee

Like Coffee Mill, Dunn Bros Coffee was founded in Minnesota. Not surprisingly, it began with two brothers whose last name was Dunn: Namely, Ed and Dan. They began their coffee company in 1987 in the capitol city of St. Paul.

Since that time, the readers of local Minneapolis publication the City Pages, have named Dunn Bros Coffee the best cup of coffee in the Twin Cities ten times! Today there are Dunn Brothers locations throughout the Midwest and even extending into Texas and Tennessee.

At Coffee Mill, we’re thrilled to partner with a quality local company whose exceptional product can compete with anyone’s anywhere.

The reason Dunn Bros coffee is so good, is unlike the national brands who manufacture hundreds of pounds of coffee at once, they keep their roasting batches in the five to seven pound range. This provides a fresher coffee with a richer flavor and aroma.  At Dunn Brothers, they never sell coffee beans more than 5 days beyond their roasting date and, in the coffee business, freshness is the name of the game.

At Coffee Mill, we provide Dunn Bros Coffee to your office break room. We also provide Sam & Evan’s Fair Trade, Organic, Bird Friendly, Mission coffee, as well as Caribou and Starbucks coffee. Our service is second to no one in the Twin Cities metro area. We come to your break room and stock whatever you need stocked. We also provide an assortment of other treats such as soup or tea.

Coffee Mill has been serving the Twin Cities business community since 1974. We are a family run company who understands how to build and maintain long lasting business relationships through excellent product and even better service. If you’d like to talk with someone about the options available to your company, we hope you’ll contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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