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Minnesota Coffee Spotlight: Sam and Evans

sam and evan's coffee

The owners of Sam & Evan’s Coffee met in 2009 after tragedy and it didn’t take long for them to hit it off. Together they decided that they wanted to create a coffee brand that was dedicated to not just the love of coffee but love of the world. Sam & Evan’s uses a fair-trade and bird friendly grower from Honduras that brings high quality coffee beans straight to Minnesota.

The name of the coffee company came from love itself. Sam and Evan are not the names of the owners but the names of their kids that passed away. Both kids were filled with love, participated in mission trips, and wanted to help people later on in life. What better way to honor them than to start a coffee company filled with love that is dedicated to being fair to everyone?

It goes further than dedicating the company to their love filled kids. All of the proceeds from Sam and Evan’s Coffee goes to help kids in need. The charities that the company supports are all around the world, some of them include:
• EMG Foundation
• Friends of The Orphans
• Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International
• Side-By-Side Ministries
Timberbay Foundation

The best part of Sam and Evan’s coffee is that it keeps getting better. Every year and every bag is produced with care and ever improving practices. Sam and Evan’s is grown by Maximo Velasquez and his family in the Honduras mountains in the shade. Each year over 100 acres of coffee is grown on the Velasquez family. All of the beans are handpicked for additional quality.

1 pack of Sam and Evan’s coffee goes for $11.95 and you can get packs all the way up to 24. The coffee can be ordered for your office or fundraiser through Coffee Mill.

It is often said that coffee for a cause is often not good tasting, Sam and Evan’s Coffee changes that. They care just as much about the quality of coffee they bring to your cup as they do about the mission behind the coffee.

By ordering Sam and Evan’s Coffee you can help donate to a good cause while providing your staff with a great brand. Selling Sam and Evan’s for a fundraiser for your church, sports team, or school will allow you to donate money to a good cause while being able to raise money at the same time. No matter how you look at it, Sam and Evan’s is a good cause.