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What’s in Your Office Break Room?


Want happier, more productive employees? It might be time to take a look at your office break room. Regardless of whether you have a large space available with all the bells and whistles or a small cubby with a small selection of offerings, break room supplies matter. 

If you aren’t sure what you’re currently offering or feel you might be lacking in some of the necessities (or specialty items for an added happiness boost), Coffee Mill can help. From beverages and kitchen supplies to soup and snacks, we’ve got your break room covered!


Every great break room must start with coffee. From value coffees to specialty java, we’ve got a little something for every coffee connoisseur. But, it’s a fact, not everyone likes coffee – that’s why we offer a generous selection of teas, soda, juice, and filtered water


There’s nothing worse than forgetting your lunch, and it’s nearly impossible to concentrate when you’re hungry. What’s the solution? A soup vending machine! Healthy and delicious, your employees can enjoy a variety of Lipton Cup-A-Soups such as Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Cream of Chicken, and so much more! Have a sweet tooth? Don’t worry, we supply candy as well.

Essential Supplies

If you’re going to offer great food and beverages, it’s imperative that you stock up on the essential break room supplies. For your coffee and tea we offer flavored creamers, sugars and sweeteners, including Truvia and Splenda, biodegradable cups, lids, and stirrers.  For soups and snacks we have everything you need including plates, bowls, plastic cutlery, and napkins. 

Ready to increase productivity and happiness at the office? Check out our full list of break room supplies and then give us a call, we’d love to help you create the perfect office break room plan unique to your office! Have questions about our fantastic coffee selections? Take a look at our current coffee offerings.