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Office Coffee Makers: Discover the Best Fit For Your Small Business

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The office break room wouldn’t be complete without coffee. This is where employees come to socialize, to get a much needed energy boost, and where they can take a few minutes to refocus on the day ahead.

Choosing the right coffee maker and equipment for your office break room can be challenging, but Coffee Mill is here to help you find the perfect coffee machine for your business. Contact us today for a personalized analysis of your coffee break area and we will help you select which machine and delicious coffees are best suited for your unique station.

Here, we offer a look at some of our top commercial coffee makers for small businesses and the benefits and features of each machine.

Single Cup

Single Cup

Single cup brewers are great for small offices and for employees who love options. These brewers prevent waste, always provide fresh coffee, and allow each employee to make and enjoy their favorite beverages.

Coffee Mill offers the Keurig B3000SE single cup Brewing System and Flavia single cup brewers. Both machines brew coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. Keurig also offers iced beverages while Flavia gives employees the option to make specialty drinks like cappuccino and lattes. With the touch of a button employees can be sipping their favorite coffee in seconds.

Small Volume


For businesses with small break rooms, executive areas or low counter-tops. These brewers are perfect for offices with 50 people or less.

Coffee Mill offers Ace model, small volume brewers designed by Newco. These sleek, compact brewers come with a variety of advanced features and benefits.

  • Fits under most counter top cabinets
  • Blinking brew light alerts user that coffee is brewing
  • Gravity fed Hot Water Faucet or tea and soups
  • Ready light indicates optimum brew temperature achieved
  • Universal base for perfect dispenser alignment

Medium Volume

Airpot Brewing Systems

If your business requires five or more air pots of coffee at one time, Coffee Mill has a solution. For offices with 50-100 employees, we offer the 20:1 Airpot Brewing Systems.

The 20:1 Series is a thermal dispenser brewer that was designed to fit low clearance spaces yet still brew into most of our new thermals. These brewers feature our advanced solid state brewing and smart technology, 3 brew selections, and a universal base. Other benefits and features of the 20:1 Series include:

  • Touch key buttons
  • Digital time display
  • Brewer signal
  • Hot water faucet
  • Coffee ready light
  • Brewing light
  • Power bar

Looking for something different? Coffee Mill offers a variety of solutions. If you’re struggling to find an office coffee machine for your business, contact us today and we will help you find the perfect equipment to fit your space and your needs.