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Coffee Spotlight: Sam and Evan’s

sam and evan's coffee

Sam and Evan’s isn’t just any old coffee, it’s coffee on a mission. Terry Munoz and Marnix Guillaume founded the company in 2009. Both Terry and Marnix experienced the tragic loss of a son and started the company in honor of their sons, Sam and Evan. Both Sam and Evan were very passionate about helping underprivileged children in Latin America. Munoz and Guillaume keep this passion alive by donating their coffee proceeds to helping children in need. 

Not long after starting Sam and Evan’s, the men met the Velasquez’s, a family of coffee growers located in Honduras. These amazing coffee growers produce 100% Fair Trade and Bird-Friendly coffee, and they soon became the official growers for Sam and Evan’s coffee. This special relationship not only produces fantastic high quality coffee, but it supports thousands of kids around the world. 

Experience Sam and Evan’s Coffee

Because Sam and Evan’s only sources their coffee from the Velasquez family in Honduras, you can rest assured your first cup will be just as delicious as your last. Because the Velasquez farm is small, the family has more quality control over their coffee than larger operations. The family continuously improves the quality of their coffee with hand-picked and sun-dried beans, and Fair Trade and Bird-Friendly practices. 

Sounds like your cup of java? Coffee Mill is honored to be the provider and shipper for Sam and Evan’s Coffee. If you want to enjoy great coffee that not only tastes yummy but supports a spectacular cause, we want to bring this delicious coffee to your office break room.

Interested in learning more about this coffee on a mission? Would your office like to be a part of the Sam and Evan’s experience? Click here to learn more about fundraising opportunities. With Sam and Evan’s Coffee, you no longer have to choose between drinking great coffee and supporting great causes.