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Top 5 Best Coffees for Your Minneapolis Office!

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We love coffee! It energizes employees, increases productivity and boosts morale in the workplace. A cup of coffee seems simple, yet is a key component to the business world. It’s a welcome routine to begin and fuel each workday, kicking productivity into high gear.

So how do you select the perfect coffee for your office break room or meeting? Take a look at our top five options:

Sam & Evan’s
This extraordinary coffee is organically grown, Fair Trade, family direct, and bird friendly. Best of all, proceeds from Sam & Evan’s Coffee go directly to charity and help kids in need around the world. Selecting Sam & Evan’s Coffee for your office is both a delicious and charitable choice.

Caribou Coffee
Caribou Coffee is the second largest coffee retailer in the world, offering a smooth, balanced flavor that will please the palate of most coffee drinkers. Caribou Coffee is sourced responsibly, and only the finest beans are selected for their blends.

Dunn Bros Coffee
Dunn Bros offers Gold Label premium coffee that is specially sourced, roasted and packaged to offer ultimate flavor and quality. Dunn Bros partners with Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA to protect the environment while offering quality coffee.

Everyone is familiar with this brand of coffee, so ordering Starbucks for your office will impress employees and clients. Enjoy the distinctive taste of the coffee roasts found in Starbucks stores around the world. With the wide selection of roasts available, there is something for everyone.

Peace Coffee
Peace Coffee roasts their beans fresh five days a week to offer an outstanding quality product. They offer nearly 20 classic and limited edition coffees, all of which are 100% Fair Trade and certified organic. Peace Coffee has proudly operated from the heart of Minneapolis since 1996.

You can’t go wrong with any of the coffees on our list. We will deliver the best products available in the office coffee industry to your workplace or meeting and give it an authentic coffee house experience. Please contact us if you need additional assistance with your selections.