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8 Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Coffee Right Now

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There has been endless research done on the benefits of drinking coffee (and more coffee), and for those of you who can’t survive a day without this delicious drink, here are a few more reasons why you should have another cup of joe today.

1. Coffee Can Help Fight Cancer

Drinking coffee every day may lower your risk of developing colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancer.

2. Coffee Perks You Up

Did you know coffee’s scent alone can help wake you up? According to a recent study, just inhaling the wonderful aroma of coffee can reduce the effects of sleep deprivation. And, after you start drinking your coffee, the caffeine starts to kick in just 10 minutes; instant energy!

3. Drinking Coffee Lowers Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers have found that patients who drink three to five cups of coffee a day have a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

4. Coffee Boosts Your Metabolism

The caffeine found in coffee is a stimulant which helps rev up your metabolism. While drinking a few cups of coffee isn’t going to magically get you in shape, it does have the ability to aid in weight loss.

5. Coffee Can Make Your Hair Shine

Over time products can cause buildup and dull your beautiful locks. Massage some coffee grounds into your hair before your next shampoo to give it a little shine. If you have blonde hair you may want to pass on this, coffee grounds often stain lighter colored hair.

6. Coffee Can Help Fend Off Depression

According to an in depth study, women who drink coffee have a lower risk of experiencing depression than women who don’t consume caffeinated coffee on a daily basis.

7. Drinking Coffee Can Help With Your Vision

Studies have found that coffee contains a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent glaucoma, vision loss, and blindness.

8. Coffee Is A Fantastic Exfoliant

Want brighter skin? This exfoliating face scrub may do the trick. All you need is 3 tablespoons of finely ground coffee, 1 tablespoon of natural oil, and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar.

Interested in learning more about coffee? Check out these fun facts or explore more health benefits of coffee.

Our verdict? Drink more coffee.